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ZOZEN is heading for industry 4.0 with intelligent manufacturing

Time:Sep 25, 2020 Views: 1

The "Industry 4.0" concept was put forward on 8 April 2013 at the Hannover Fair, and was widely recognized by the industry. With the signing of The Action Outline for China-Germany Cooperation, the new era of China's industry 4.0 is coming. Taking the revolutionary production methods of Industry 4.0 for reference, ZOZEN has taken a series of measures to reform and update.

ZOZEN builds digital production workshops to realize intelligent production

With the rapid development of the age, the future manufacturing system will become more and more complex, traditional production patterns will not be able to meet the market demands. If one enterprise wants to remain invincible in the increasingly fierce competition, it must seek some new breakthroughs.

Therefore, ZOZEN adequately absorbs and learns from the federation patterns of Industry 4.0: comprehensive introduces information systems to make all kinds of productive resources including production equipments, warehousing system and production facilities to form a cycle network, realizing the Omni-directional information coverage of R&D, production, manufacturing technology and industrial control by IOT and service applications, which will effectively improve production efficiency.

ZOZEN is heading for industry 4.0 with intelligent manufacturing

ZOZEN upholds the concept of resolving customer's problems as priority

Business model is crucial for manufacturing industry, so, what is the business model of manufacturing industry in the age of industry 4.0? It definitely will be resolving customer's problems as priority.

ZOZEN will always provide customers with a complete solution and appropriate boiler auxiliaries according to their different demands on the base of "customer first" . The general manager of ZOZEN expressed that ZOZEN would both increase the added value of products the and expand more abundant service to achieve the goal in the new age.

ZOZEN is heading for industry 4.0 with intelligent manufacturing

ZOZEN improves the international sales networks

Industry 4.0 offers a revolutionary way for transformation of manufacturing industry from traditional production pattern to intelligent production; ZOZEN has completed the construction of the official website and connected online and offline sales.

ZOZEN has established and improved the Chinese, English, Russian, Spanish official websites, opened stores in "Alibaba", "Made in China" and many other business to business e-commerce platforms. So far, the marketing networks of ZOZEN have covered the whole world; products have been exported to over 100 countries and regions all over the world. ZOZEN has set up service centers in Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam and secured a toehold in global manufacturing industry.

ZOZEN is heading for industry 4.0 with intelligent manufacturing

In the future, ZOZEN will seize the opportune moment of industry 4.0, and insist on technology innovation and accelerate the products upgrade to comprehensively improve our core competitiveness.

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